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We will be opening the theater workshops in the month of July, registration open. 

For more information call 305-541-4841.

Acting & Drama Classes
Break your fourth wall.


Open Call first class free, begins October 12.


Do you want to venture and take a look at the world of Creativity? 

In this workshop given by Jessica Álvarez Dieguez (Argentina) and

Elena Medina (Spain) you will have the opportunity to try a new experience through the world of interpretation, improvisation, dance, music and body expression.

In our weekly meetings we will share our experience to help you with different tools to work and explore in all areas when presenting a character, preparing the body and voice. 

During this Workshop we will have training in Theater, Improvisation, Music, Dance, Circus and Body Expression with visits from various Experts in each activity. 

We invite you to participate in Your First Free Class and thus discover a different world where it is only a matter of having fun and creating !!!!

Singing & Dance
Theater Workshop 

Full quota.

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