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NOTE: Starting June 9, Carlos Enrique Almirante will play the character left by Roberto San Martín, who has previously assumed commitments.

 Parking at Theater 8 is free and limited in the Bank of America, when these facilities are full you must park on the street.

What would you do if the bank denied you a loan... go home defeated or destroy the life of the branch manager?  


Mulkay and San Martín, two of the most renowned Cuban actors in Miami, with great comic ability, star in this play that will keep you hooked to the plot with constant laughter. 


This comedy by Jordi Galcerán, a true international success, translated into 8 languages and performed in more than thirty countries, comes to Miami under the direction of Yusnel Suárez.


Credit will surprise you, it will entertain you like never before and it will make you ask yourself: Anything for money?


Cast: Mijail Mulkay, Carlos Enrique Almirante, 

Rachel Cruz and Camila Bordon. 

Author: Jordi Galcerán

Director: Yusnel Suárez

Lighting: Oscar Labrada

Scenography: Osvaldo Strongoli

Production: OMG Studios and Teatro 8


Duration: 75 min

Recommended age: + 18 years

Functions: Friday: 9:00 PM

Saturday 8:30PM

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