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Here our theatrical programming, our theater proposals in Spanish for our community. Teatro 8 always delivering the best for our public.


My Mother, My Girlfriend and me

New performances: July 26, 27 and 28, August 2, 3 and 4.

Fernando is a confirmed bachelor, quite crafty and hypochondriac, who at 43 years old, still lives with his dependent and domineering mother, Victoria.

Fernando finally decides to settle down with the first woman he really cares about: Leticia. Now Fernando faces the difficult task of introducing his girlfriend to his mother for the first time in his life.

The presentation dinner, on Christmas Eve no less, may change everything when Fernando announces to Victoria that he is finally leaving his mother's house to live with Leticia, who in turn, does not know that Fernando still lives with his mother.

The night will bring this trio endless humorous situations until the truth comes to light: it's time to leave the nest.

Guilt, loneliness, codependency, the need to form her own family and old age are the themes that afflict our protagonist and that make the task of putting a stop to a mother so complex that, due to her fear of abandonment, she suffocates. to his son. Will Fernando have to choose between the two most important women in his life?


Agustina Lecouna

Jessica Alvarez Dieguez

Martin Sipicki



Alejandro Vales



Mechi Bove


Theme song:


by Diego Olivero · Gaston Baremberg



Enrique Tubio


Light Design:

Oscar Labrada


Art Design:

Koll Printing



Bernardo Vales


Production of Cirko Teatro and Teatro 8.


The Pichy Boys Present:

Memorias de la Sierra

Zajaris Fernandez arrives at Teatro 8 in Miami with his show “Por mis Tacones”

Don't miss this comedy show presented by Los Pichy Boys where for more than an hour we will enjoy together the creativity and occurrences of one of the best comedians in Latin America.

Date Friday, July 19 8:30pm

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