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Jorge Holovatuck

George Holovatuck

He is a national and professional actor (working in Theater, Cinema, Advertising and Series). With extensive and polysemic training as a Theater Teacher (National Higher Professor of Theater, Arts in Theater and National Theater Instructor) graduated from IUNA (National University of Art). Co-coordinates the National Network of Theater Teachers of Argentina "Dramatiza". He has published notes, articles and books on Theater Pedagogy. Unipersonales Teatrales (tools for one's own creation and assembly) of Editorial Atuel, Buenos Aires, 2014. Teatro Net de Libros del Balcón, Buenos Aires, 2017.

He has worked on productions with Fernando Fernán Gómez, Bibi Andersson, China Zorrilla, Graciela Borges, Luis Brandoni, Leonor Manso, Patricio Contreras, Alejandro Awada, Antonio Grimau, Dolores Fonzi, Daniel Aráoz, Carlos Belloso and others. He currently writes and directs his own shows: “Corazón Mariachi”, “Errores Reunidos” and “Las vez que la vi…” Biodrama soon to be released. As a guest of Grupo La Quimera, he directed “Muero de Ti” by Alejandro Genes and has “Las mujeres de la guerra” in pre-production.

He has also trained with Mauricio Kartun, Alejandro Tantanian, Raúl Serrano (with whom he conducts seminars), Ricardo Bartís, Rafael Spregelburd, Dominic de Fazio, Patrice Pavis, Marco de Marinis, among others. He has taught Acting classes in the Bachelor of Acting and in the Faculty of Arts in Theater at UNA. And in seminars of its specificity in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Cuba and Spain. 

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